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Office Plants & Landscape Design in Prague

Welcome to my website. I offer you delivery and care of plants for your office. I try always to work together with my customers to establish a long lasting relationshiop so both partners benefit. I take good care of your office plants and try to cause no disturbance to the work in the office. I offer my services in Prague and surrounding area. Thanks to office plants, you can enjoy a piece of nature every day. I supply and maintain plants to small local businesses, multinationals, bars, restaurants, shopping centres, healt clubs and everything in-between.  

Most plants love sun and a position near to the window. In large offices it is possible to have groups of flowers in one or more flower pots. In small rooms it is better to have unique and smaller plants. Unless important are right flower pots, which underline the beauty of the plant. I choose the right plants for your office and offer you also to care about them. Usually I recommend a watering system which needs care just once 10 to 14 days.

In my opinion, beauty lies in detail. Office plants need professional care, trimmed earth and tasteful flowerpots. Same harmony appears in outdoor garden, if forms and colours of plants, as well as stones and further material are in ballance. I am offerring also planning, realisation and care of outdoor garden. I speak english, dutch and german. If you are interested in a cooparation, I am looking forward to receive an e-mail from you.